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We offer a variety of health affirming activities. Email or call and join us. 

Facial & Gong Bath Meditation

Join Dr. Sui for a free facial this month! You will be guided through the mind blowing Atomy de-aging facial products. More advanced than anti-aging, de-aging products are designed to regenerate the skin rather than just keep the body from aging. Stress also causes aging so, relax while trying the 20-minute mask with a gong bath meditation to clear and harmonize the mind as your skin is cleaned and balanced. 


or call to schedule for your group of friends

(3+ people needed for a group booking). 

Image by Manja Vitolic
Tropical Leaves
Tropical Leaves

Monthly Detox Reset

Our Detox Reset Program starts with a welcome email and video that explains what to expect. We'll be following that up with a Zoom Q & A to check in before the fast starts. During the two weeks of fasting, we'll be there with you through WhatsApp & via email as you find you rest and balance your body.



Active Senior Couple

Live an abundant joyous version of your life.


Learning to heal through a Reiki self practice can ease your: 

  • anxiety

  • stress

  • depression

  • overwhelm

Capture the abundantly joyful version of your life with this complementary medicine practice.


During this Reiki level 1 course, Eve will cover:

  • How to manifest

  • The nature of energy

  • Reiki history

  • The 5 principles of Reiki 

  • Hand positions for healing

  • The chakras

  • & Attune you as a Reiki L1 practitioner. 

Then, you'll have a 21-day self practice which we'll celebrate with a ceremonial gong bath & facial. 

Fee (includes workbook, pen, notebook, certificate): $250.00 

*Get a $20.00 discount each for groups of 4 or more.*


Time: Allow for @7 hours, meetings will be schedule based on group availability

(For example, 2 x 2 hour sessions + 1.5 hours could meet Monday from 6-8pm, Wednesday from 6-8pm and Friday from 6-7:30pm to complete the course. )

To book: call 678.978.0238 or email using the "book a place" button below. 

Reiki Healing
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