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Coming Soon: Detox Reset Program

Currently the Detox Reset Program is Under Construction. Check back soon or email for more information!

Image by Igor Miske

Did you see the photo of Dr. Sui on the homepage where he's climbing a mountain? That was taken in the middle of his fast as he was out hiking and camping on the Appalachian trail.


  • Looking for a couple weeks of more free time?

  • Feeling blocked creatively?

  • Wishing that you had more energy?

  • Wanting to get rid of stubborn inflammation or body fat? 

If your answer is yes, Dr. Sui's Detox & Reset fast is for you. 


This all started because Dr. Sui's acupuncture clients weren't healing at a normal rate: "I saw a lot of patients whose conditions are not getting better even with the acupuncture and herbs. The build-up of toxins in their body made the body unable to recover quickly. Think of toxins like traffic. Let's say you have a Ferrari. If you're stopped on I-85 it doesn't matter that your horse power is excellent in this Ferrari, you can't go anywhere because of the traffic. After a day or two stopped on the expressway, you're out of gas. Just like in your body, if the toxins are blocking your energy, you're out of gas. Then, people start to feel chronic fatigue syndrome because they're being drained daily from many things that are going on in their lives physically and mentally. This can also lead to anxiety." 

Patients were going on water fasts and they were still not losing inflammation or weight so Dr. Sui decided to take two weeks off and, using Dr. Ohsumi's research on Autophagy, designed a fast for patients who needed a more supported fasting system using high quality natural products by Atomy.


"There are two issues with fasting," Dr. Sui explains, "one is hunger pain and the other is low energy while you're fasting. Most of us cannot take two weeks off to fast. We have to fast while life is roaring at us. Your responsibilities don't just shut off while you're fasting.

"So, how do you help the hunger? Just water doesn't do anything because the body thinks it's starving. That's why I used something that can make your body full while you're eating just a little. As I designed the fast, I was eating a little bit of oatmeal to kill my hunger pains, not a lot. After trying oatmeal in a variety of ways, I settled on chewing dry oatmeal. After three spoonfuls I felt full and I didn't need to eat.


"Now, people are saying: 'Dr. Sui! This isn't a real fast. You are eating oatmeal.' But here's what is really important: the difference is that with oatmeal, your body recognizes that you are eating. Not only because your stomach registers the food, but your brain registers that your jaws are chewing and it believes that you have eaten. Because of this, your cells go through the Autophagy process where the healthy cells begin to look for and consume the garbage cells in our body. Our Zombie cells. These cells are still alive but not helpful. Our healthy cells start to dissolve them and reuse the parts. In other words, recycle them. Then the body starts to detox. That's why I came up with the idea of the detox rather than a weight loss program to help clients because what we're really looking for is detoxing. That's what makes the difference in health."

The 7-day fasting program that Dr. Sui designed is followed by a 7-day reset program where we're invited to eat 1 meal every day. For everyday you fast, you need to have 1 day for resetting the body. Otherwise, your cells have a shock when food is reintroduced. 

While Dr. Sui's fasting system is still work for most of us and it's likely that you won't be hiking 10 miles everyday on the Appalachian trail, this fast is highly manageable. We've had people on tour use this method of fasting. They were shocked because it gave them back time since they didn't worry about eating. Others felt creative inspiration strike.


Join us for the next fast and see what opens up in your life.    

Fasting can be what you make of it - especially when you surround yourself with an incredible group of supportive people on our monthly fasts.  

Image by Tiard Schulz

Why Fasting? 

  • Promotes blood sugar control by reducing insulin resistance

  • Reduces inflammation

  • May enhance heart health by improving blood pressure, triglycerides & cholesterol levels 

  • May boost brain function & prevent neurodegenerative disorders

  • Aids weight loss by boosting metabolism 

  • Increases growth hormone secretion which is vital for growth, metabolism, weight loss, & muscle strength

  • May aid in cancer prevention & increase the effectiveness of chemotherapy

  • Delays aging & increases longevity

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