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Q & A

My friends think it's crazy for me to fast for 1 week. Why and how does this fast work? 

Many people have different ideas about what "fasting" means. Some might think that you'll eat nothing - this is extremely hard and not recommended unless guided by your physician. Some will believe that you'll be drinking celery juice or something else for the week. Neither of these are true. During our fast you will have a caloric intake as you consume oatmeal, fruit bites, chia seeds and supplements. The reason that this is important is that we don't want your body to think that you are starving. If it does, it will not go into autophagy and recycle the cells that are inflamed or no longer working. Instead it will store fat. 

Can I do intensive sports during the fast?

You can do sports, but running or training for a marathon is not recommended. ;) During the fast & reset, part of what we are learning is to listen to and follow what the body needs. There will be days where you can go to the gym and there will be days where you'll need to take a nap. Honor what your body feels. Dr. Sui walked part of the Appalachian trail while fasting. That's 10 miles a day. But, that's Dr. Sui. You must listen to your body. We recommended that you do not push yourself too hard, especially at the beginning. Part of the fasting & reset program is that every morning we do 10 minutes of planks, 10 minutes of aerobic activity and, at least, 10 minutes of stretching.  If you want to also take a yoga class - that's fine. However, try not to do any of the "hot" classes. While sweating is good for you, during the fast, it is likely that you will lose too many minerals from sweating too much and that should be avoided. 

Can I do this with diverticulitis? 

Yes. Diverticulitis is a result of gut inflammation. The fast & reset program helps to heal inflammation of the gut. Based on current research, those with diverticulitis can consume chia seeds during the fast without a problem. They are quite helpful, acting as fiber to clear out the gut. 

How much water should I be drinking during the fast? 

At least 3 liters a day. People on the fast should be drinking 1 liter of water morning, afternoon and evening. This is important as 1) the liter of water contains your chia seeds and the fiber that you need to keep your bowels moving. 2) We are taking supplements. Supplements should always be taken with enough water so that it does not strain the body. 

Can I drink water with lemon in the morning?

Absolutely. That is a wonderful way to wake up the stomach.


While we suggest drinking Pu'er tea for its benefits to the heart and in lowering cholesterol, you are welcome to drink other herbal teas such as: mint, camomile, dandelion, ginger, turmeric, etc.  Be mindful not to drink tea with caffeine after 2 pm to avoid insomnia. 

Fasting normally gives me a brutal headache as I go through the caffeine and sugar withdrawal. Will I have the same symptoms with this? 

For those who are familiar with fasting, you might be wondering how the caffeine and sugar withdrawal headaches are contained. The program that Dr. Sui has designed allows for a cup of coffee (or tea) in the morning to help keep the caffeine detox at a manageable level and there's a little rush of sugar from eating the oatmeal which keeps you from experiencing a full on sugar detox headache so that you can still go to work and be productive. However, it is still likely that you might experience a headache as your body is detoxing. This is part of the normal process. If you have a headache during the detox, Dr. Sui has some tips for you to help alleviate headaches that he gives over the course of the program. 

I generally tend to have a lot of phlegm. Is there a way to manage this? 

If you are struggling with phlegm, one of the things that you can do is dry your scrubbed orange peels until they are very hard and then use them to make tea. A little of this tea with/without honey may help. Another option is to buy orange peel powder and add it to your soups or other sauces. 

Citrus Fruits

Other questions answered as we receive them. Check back here or join us for a fast and we'll answer them during our group Zoom. 

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