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Fasting Praise

What people have to say

Testimonials from people who have tried the program

Herbs and Spices

Fasting Group 2021

”I finally fit into my blue dress. Before the detox program, I couldn’t fit in at all.”


- Mai S. from Minnesota

Dry Roses and Diary

Fasting Group 2021

“I am so happy with the result! Overall, it’s a great journey to healthy living. Because health is wealth.”


- Grace A. from Baltimore, MD


Fasting Group 2021

“I am so grateful with this group for motivating me on staying on track with my journey to healthy me.”


- Grace A. from Atlanta

Pampas Grass

Fasting Group 2021

"Thank you Dr Sui and the entire group for the journey. The Detox results were much better doing it with a group and the Reset was great to learn. I'M VERY HAPPY as I workout more, eat better and am drinking more water. YAY"

Weight started: 165.2                   

End Detox: 160.0

Reset Meals: 160.8

Measurements went from:

Start 9/13/21: 40-38-40                                   

End Detox 9/20/21: 39.5-37-39

Reset Meals 9/27/21: 39-37-40


- Shiela

Herbs and Remedies

Fasting Group 2021

“My psoriasis cleared after the Atomy Detox and Reset program.”


- Flora from Charlotte, NC


Fasting Group 2021

"In summary, the 7 day Detox with 7 reset days gave me a chance to re-evaluate my priorities, which is taking care of myself so I can take care of others (family, friends, and patients). 

I am so thankful to ATOMY because I get to meet all of you! This is the best group ever, so generous and fun to be with! 

My family and friends are seeing the result and they are all motivated to join the next Detox challenge. 

Thank you again to STM Uisook Sung for sponsoring our challange and the Dr. Sui for putting the program together! 

I love you all!!"


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